Beate Walden

Beate was born in Frankfurt, Germany where she attended High School and Music School. Her major was Violin, and she went on to play on stages across Germany as a Country Fiddler in the band 'Country Only'. 

The year Beate met her husband Chris, her world was turned upside down. She packed up her apartment and moved with Chris to Los Angeles. A dream come true for this English spoken horse lover, who always thought she would be a cowgirl 'when she grew up'. 

In Los Angeles Beate found her passion for Photography, Energy work and Spiritual Psychology, which lead her to her Master's Degree with an emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing. Her intuition for the world and its energetic ways grew daily, and as she developed her skills and her voice in photography she was rewarded with multiple nominations for best abstract image, as well as in architecture and the topic Americana by the black and White Spider Awards as well as the Photography Masters Cup. She received honorable mention for one of her images shown at her first exhibit in Los Angeles about and at the Professional Musician's Local 47. 

Beate's family is her everything, and the love of her life Chris as well as her children are constant supporters in her work and life - which in her world is one.

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